Sumo International is recognized as a leading vertical turbine pump manufacturer in various Middle East and African countries. The high quality products and services of Sumo have stood the test of time.

Sumo has gained a reputation of consistent supply of high quality castings and forgings to different engineering sectors – automotive, industrial and agricultural.

Sumo Group of Companies are run by professionals with long and reputed standing in the industries. With in-house engineering competence, Sumo develops and manufactures castings and forgings to specific requirements of the customers to international standards

Sumo International innovates at all the levels of operations and continuously strives to improve their brand position in the industry to be termed as the "Preferred Brand" in all their products around the world.

Sumo International seeks a high standard of product performance and aims to maintain a long-term position in its respective competitive environments.

The vision of Sumo International is to expand its scope of business from local to global operations through human, information and network resources and to make Sumo International an organization having a broad product mix, serving different segments of the engineering industry world-wide.

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